A regular host to numerous events, Hervey Bay boasts an event nearly every weekend! 

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The whales are on their way!

In the pristine waters off Fraser Island Humpbacks aren't just passing through on their way to their breeding grounds - they're actually taking time out to socialise, have some fun, learn some essential lifeskills and nuture their young. Hervey Bay is the whale watching capital of the world with the season just set to begin take a break with the family and visit us soon.

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Hervey Bay Whale Festival, concerts, seafood festivals and of course the amazing humpback whales. July to October 2019!

Hervey Bay Whale Festival 2019

There is no other place in the world that compares to the awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, up-close whale watching encounters that you will find in Hervey Bay.

Between July and November, thousands of humpback whales travel the ‘humpback highway’ and arrive in the calm, protected waters of Hervey Bay.

Unlike any other place along the ‘humpback highway’, the whales will be resting, socialising and playing before continuing their trip back to the Antarctic for the summer months.

This unique relationship gives reason to celebrate each year with the Hervey Bay Whale Festival. An eclectic event to recognise the importance of the ocean to Hervey Bay and promote the conservation of the marine environment and animals that are unique and important to our region.

The festival kicks off on July 27 with a calendar of colourful events that includes seafood, conservation, live concerts and more.

Visit http://www.herveybayoceanfestival.com.au/

Joeys Mini World Cup 2019

30th September to 4th October 

For the second year teams from across the states come to Hervey Bay to compete in a mini soccer world cup.

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